Tri-ang Canadian Sets

RSX & R3.S Military Special Sets


Illustration from 1958 Canadian leaflet

The RSX Set had a standard Blue Double Ended Diesel Loco, the stock had type 2 couplings and the track was Standard Track.

The R3.S Set of 1959 as indicated by the change in nomenclature, had Series 3 Track, the Locomotive was changed to the Green version and the couplings were now type 3.

Information courtesy of Stephen Chatham


Dave Poynter's marvelous collection of the items that made up this rare 1959 R3.S Canadian Set. Including the green body double ended diesel and the Avro Delta plane mounted on the depressed center car.



Photos Dave Poynter


Plane load was from the Minic Push and Go range, produced by another branch of the Lines Bros. empire.