Tri-ang Australian Sets

R4Z Set









The R4Z freight set was introduced in 1962 as the Super 4 track replacement for the R3ZA set. The R159A diesel was in TransAustralia livery. Like other 1962 Moldex sets, this one has been packed in a Series 3 set box with 16 Super 4 small radius curves instead of 8 double curves.


The set contained Australian made rolling stock and track and was available in 1962 - 64. It was replaced by the R4F set in 1965.




This is a later example of the R4Z set from 1964 which has the models in individual window boxes like other Moldex sets of the period. In this case 8 double curves have been supplied, but the contents are otherwise the same as the earlier version and all were Australian made.





Information and photographs courtesy Graeme Brown