Tri-ang 2020

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Paul Rees writes: A selection of original Tri-ang Model-Land Margate samples made in 1965 for catalogue , promotional purposes. Production would eventually take place the following year , although for the town house it would be another three years . Several component colour changes help differentiate these from the commercial kits. Photos by Paul

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Paul Rees's Model Land Buildings and Layout displays

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Richard Pankow's Arkitex Set
Stephen Ellison's Arkitex buildings 
Stephen Ellison's Model Land

New information from James Day:- The first two buildings shown are not actually Model Land – They are Pola kits. These particular ones were in the Playcraft Range so my guess is that that is where they came from. One does have a ML roadsweeper outside though…….

RML 7 Garage missing attached house   RML 16 Villa Capri