Tri-ang 2020

 Well after an eight year break I felt it was time to add to the Site. After 21 years since its inception, technology has moved on so much!
I had just got my first digital camera and scanner. All the Site was constructed bearing in mind the fact that we were all using dial-up modems etc. Well, now the material available is unbelievable not only in quality but availability, the Tri-ang fraternity has grown hugely and is certainly World Wide.
The Facebook Group 'Triang Railways Collectors' now has over 1,500 members and has grown to an enormous resource with so many photos posted. Looking at these and the quality that they are made me sad at the poor technical quality of my Site.
With over 18,000 images on this Site I decided that it was too much of a task to try and upgrade it so had decided to leave it as it was as hopefully a useful resource for like minded collectors.
However I thought that some images on the Facebook Group needed to be used for the benifit of others. So, I am posting some of them here (slightly doctored by me). Credits and information will be added later. If I have used your photos and you are not happy I will obviously remove them. So here goes and thanks to All who are keeping our hobby alive.
Regards to All
Dave McCarthy

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